Wishing for Spring

10 Jan

The weather today is dreary where I (Barbara) live. There is ice on the roads and the plants, and most of town hibernated until about 11 a.m. It’s not typical weather for south Georgia. I long for warmer weather, sunny skies, al fresco dining and crisp cocktails. This post by Coco + Kelley puts me in the mood to catch a flight out of town, lounge somewhere warm and sip on a Grapefruit Mimosa. Although, we would use Prosecco in place of Champagne. Must make it Italian, after all.

Grapefruit Mimosa

1/4 cup cranberry juice
1/4 cup pink grapefruit juice
Champagne (or Prosecco)

Pour cranberry & pink grapefruit juice into a Champagne flute or thin glass. Top with your favorite Champagne, Prosecco or sparkling wine. Serve immediately. Serves 1.

Doesn’t it sound divine? Si!

Ciao ciao!


Image Source: Coco + Kelley


Travellers Calabria

7 Jan

We have just ordered our copy of the new Travellers Calabria after learning about it from Palazzo Pizzo. Exciting! Can’t wait for it to arrive. We are way late on this, as the book was released last summer, but it’s news to us. A few other Calabrians have their copies in hand; check out what Palazzo Pizzo and Bleeding Espresso have to say about the book. Pizzo, coincidentally, is a beach town just down the hill from our own Monterosso. We can’t wait to become friends with them (hint hint)!

Image Source: www.amazon.com

Writing, writing, writing

6 Jan

In our last post we noted that we need to post more. A lot more. In an effort to hold us accountable, we’re participating in WordPress’ PostAWeek 2011 experiment. Yep, we’re committing ourselves to posting at least once a week. If we were really brave we’d be going for the PostADay2011, but you gotta start somewhere, so once a week it is.

Help us stick to it by commenting on our posts. Few things inspire us as much as knowing you’re reading our words.

Here’s to posting more!

Ciao ciao


Image Source: Red Lion Gallery

Buon giorno!

6 Jan

Clearly we haven’t gotten a hang of the blog thing just yet. We realize we’ve posted just twice since August. Sorry! We’re working on a few things and should have great news to share quite soon. Until then, we leave you with this stunning post by Darby from one of our favorite blogs, Fly Through Our Window. Darby and her twin sister, Erika (who also has a great blog, Urban Grace), explored Italy in June. The post has an incredible accompanying photo slide show that makes us want to be in Monterosso PRONTO!

Until soon friends!

Ciao ciao

Image Source: Screen shot from Fly Through Our Window.

Exterior Ispirazione

6 Aug

As you get to know us, you’ll learn that we love a good project and a good reno, and that we’re mostly of the Do It Yourself persuasion. That said, overhauling a home across the Atlantic isn’t the scale project we wanted to tackle — not just yet, anyway. That Casa del Sole needs no major renovations or repairs is one of the many wonderful things about this house.

One of the first projects we’ll take on is a quick and easy facelift to the casa’s exterior. Nothing says welcome — benvenuto! — nor piques interest as does a beautiful exterior. Mother and I threw around a few ideas for a color palette for the shutters and the front door — mustard? grass green? some degree of turquoise? We prematurely settled on a golden mustard. It would go so well with our casa’s name — house in the sun — we thought. But after stumbling upon photos of Colleta di Castelbianco in Liguria and La Batiste de Marie in Provence, there was little doubt that cornflower blue, with its simple, rustic and soothing hue, was it for us.

The main wall of the home’s exterior is in fantastic condition and in a neutral color, which works so well in our favor. We’ve come up with this inspiration board to guide us (here you can see a our friend hanging out in front of casa). With nothing more than a can of paint, a few pots and plants flanking the door and hanging from a window box,  and a small bistro for morning espresso or meals al fresco, we’ll give Casa del Sole’s exterior just the easy makeover she needs.

Tell us, what do you think of our scheme?  What inspires you in design and decor?

Featured image of La Batiste de Marie via Habitually Chic

A House in Italy

4 Aug

Monterosso Calabro

On July 23, we bought a small home in a small, rustic village in southern Italy. The home is part of a 12th century palazzo in the village of Monterosso Calabro, and we are its third owners. It’s a bit surreal, and completely fantastic.

This small home is a dream, to say the least. The venture is between myself, Bárbara, my husband, David, and my mother, Yolie. That said, it’s really a project for mother and I, who immediately after purchase began pulling inspiration photos, colors, furniture ideas, art, plants, flowers. We even chose a name for our Italian cat, Figaro (every good house needs a cat), whom we’ll rescue from a street upon arriving in our village. And that was just the beginning.

It cannot go without mention that I have loved this village from the time I was 13 years old and first visited. Today I am 30, and I am just as in love with Monterosso. I must thank my dear friends Gail, Ann and Joe for introducing me to Monterosso, and for changing my life in ways none of us could have then imagined.

This blog is journal of our family’s adventure in renovating, decorating and living in our house in the sun — in Nostra Casa del Sole. We hope you’ll join us as we muse about life in a village thousands of miles away from the daily lives that have made such an adventure possible.

Ciao Ciao!

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