Mangia, mangia!

13 Jan

Food. Glorious food. We won’t lie — we’re foodies.  We talk about food, we read about food, we make food, we photograph food, we share food, we talk about food while on long runs. We’re not prejudiced, either; we embrace cuisines from all over the world. One of our favorites happens to be Italian food. Surprised? Hardly.

One of the many things we’re looking forward to about life in Monterosso will be learning new ways of cooking, new recipes, new ingredients. Simple food made with exquisite ingredients is the way to go. Fresh figs, freshly-cured olives, fresh produce, fresh meats. Did we say fresh figs and freshly-cured olives?  My girlfriend swears that if a fig was a man, I’d have married him. Mrs. Barbara J.Crew-Fig. Thanks Jaime. 🙂

Judy from Over a Tuscan Stove (don’t you love that?) recently shared how to make salt-cured fresh olives (she talks further about the process here). Heaven! The olives, the salt, the pretty glass jar (hey, aesthetics count). They look so beautiful and earthy (and mar-ish, I suppose) and simple in the photos Judy shares. There’s an olive harvest (and a fig harvest!) in M. in the fall. The laborious process of harvesting the olives will undoubtedly yield the most satisfying fruit. Then we’ll get to curing. Can’t wait. We’ll be sure to share every step with you.



A few more simple foods to share: homemade pasta (topped with nothing but good olive oil, salt, pepper and a little lemon — ah),  and these awesome jam-filled buns (the post is in Italian; scroll down and there’s an English-language recipe).

Clotilde over at Chocolate & Zucchini (she’s French, she’s fabulous) writes exquisitely  about the most wonderful foods. She’s always a treat to read, and her recipes are indeed marvelous. As for the jam-filled buns? I’d go with figs. Just a suggestion. 🙂

Ciao ciao, B.


Image Sources: Boudist, Cheese and RacletteOver a Tuscan Stove, Chocolate & ZucchiniFiordizucca

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