Word of Wisdom Living

12 Jan


“Word of Wisdom Living” — the title alone implies simplicity and pureness. There are so many distractions in our day, so many opportunities to stray from what is good and whole and meaningful. And not just in how we conduct our lives, but also in how we nourish our bodies. Sometimes we need a reminder to stay on good track. Enter Word of Wisdom Living, “a thoughtful conversation about nutrition, by real people,” organized by Skip Helewell.

Word of Wisdom challenges readers to take on 52 small changes — one small change every week of the year. You can do anything for a week, right? I’m going to give this a shot. The motivation to succeed is creating a healthier, better me. What’s to lose?

The first “change” is simple enough: limit sugary drinks and sodas. I don’t drink soda, and I know I can cut back on my sugar intake (bye bye, Starbucks soy iced white chocolate mocha, I’ll miss thee). The wine and Prosecco, however, stay. A girl’s gotta have limits.

The second change I can conquer as well. My fried food intake is pretty low, but certainly there’s room for improvement. I can stick to never (although my husband advises to “never say never”) buying deep-fried foods.

The plan is to check in with you every week and track our progress. Let’s talk about how we’re making our lives richer. What about you? Think you can tackle these two small changes? I hope you’ll join us.

Ciao ciao, B.


Image Sources: Word of Wisdom Living

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