Wishing for Spring

10 Jan

The weather today is dreary where I (Barbara) live. There is ice on the roads and the plants, and most of town hibernated until about 11 a.m. It’s not typical weather for south Georgia. I long for warmer weather, sunny skies, al fresco dining and crisp cocktails. This post by Coco + Kelley puts me in the mood to catch a flight out of town, lounge somewhere warm and sip on a Grapefruit Mimosa. Although, we would use Prosecco in place of Champagne. Must make it Italian, after all.

Grapefruit Mimosa

1/4 cup cranberry juice
1/4 cup pink grapefruit juice
Champagne (or Prosecco)

Pour cranberry & pink grapefruit juice into a Champagne flute or thin glass. Top with your favorite Champagne, Prosecco or sparkling wine. Serve immediately. Serves 1.

Doesn’t it sound divine? Si!

Ciao ciao!


Image Source: Coco + Kelley

One Response to “Wishing for Spring”

  1. Yolie Rivera-Zuvic January 10, 2011 at 10:13 pm #

    As I sit here and I read my daughter’s posting, I also can just think of sitting outside in the piazza, in Monterosso. Doing nothing but watching and taking in everything that is happening around me. As we would say in Italian, “Dolce far niente” … it’s the art of just ‘doing nothing’.

    Ciao amici!

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